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India International Crop protection Expo - IICP-Expo

Looking for India’s Biggest Crop Protection Expo & Trade Fair?

Look no further than IICP-Expo in Hyderabad, India!

India International Crop Protection Expo – IICP-Expo India International Crop Protection Expo – IICP-Expo is first edition of Agri Inputs Exhibition from RAY Consulting.

RAY Consulting successfully conducts ABSA – Agri Business Summit & Awards, which attracts participants from across the globe. IICP Expo will be a grand Crop protection Expo. Crop Protection includes not only protecting the crop from pests & diseases but challenges like biotic & abiotic stress, climate change, nutritional requirements and all the other challenges.

IICP - Expo Highlights

  • For the first time in India’s history, India International Crop Protection Expo - IICP-Expo is held by RAY One Agri Consulting in an atmosphere and infra structure of a format of an exhibition.
  • The venue HITEX in Hyderabad, India is the largest venue in India for exhibitions.
  • Hyderabad is the most happening city in India. It has the best infra structure to offer with very well-connected International Airport connecting to every city in the world.
  • It is centrally located in India where the entire crop protection industry can converge in less than 2 Hours from any airport in India.
  • Besides being the seed capital of India, Hyderabad has head offices of several Indian and Multinational crop protection companies. It has the largest base for the regional ag-chem industry with the captive markets from around 10 states around it.
  • All the ag chem companies have their zonal offices serving the largest channel network in India.
  • IICP-Expo will be held in the air-conditioned dome of 5000 Square meters.
  • The centre offers an ambience of exhibition, conference, networking, sumptuous food stalls, internet, secretariat, meeting rooms etc.,
  • The exhibitors and the visitors can spend business networking time with productive discussions and facilities of signing the contract