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IIAB-Expo Stall Booking

Expo Timings: 10:00 am to 07:00 pm 29th & 30th August, 2024

  • * 18% GST extra
  • * Every Stall of 9 Square meter will have 2 Complementary invites and multiples there of
  • Standard stall of 9 Square meter includes
  • 1. Prefabricated Maxima Octonorm Stalls
  • 2. Prefabricated stall in white coated Octonorm System with white laminated plywood
  • 3. 1System Table
  • 4. 2Exhibit Chairs
  • 5. 3 Spotlights
  • 6. One - 5/15 Amp Power Point
  • 7. 1 Dustbin
  • 8. The name of the participants will be in Computer cut Blue Vinly letters with White background
  • 9. Synthetic Blue Carpet in Stall Area.
  • 10. Stall Diemnsions: Length 3 meters, Width 3 Meters and Height 8 Feet
  • 11. Every Stall of 9 Square meter will have 2 Complementary invites plus lunch coupons for two days and multiples there of

Stall Booking Prices

*Extra GST

IIAB-Expo Enquiry Form

  • For Stall Booking and Enquiries:
  • 1. Download the application form and email the filled application form request to Name: Ms Swapna Sharma, [email protected] For details you may call / WhatsApp / We chat to the Contact Number: +917893977182
  • 2. On receipt of the duly completed application, we shall get back to you with the available stall location and number.
  • 3. Once you have confirmed the stall numb er and location, we will send you the contract
  • 4. Please sign and stamp the contract and send it back within 5 work days from receiving it from the organizer, to validate your booking. Stall payment should be made along with the contract for confirmed booking.
  • 5. Stall booking without payment is invalid and the stall will be released to the next exhibitor.